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Whitney Stark

Whitney Stark is a theorist and facilitator who works with alternative pedagogies and organizational practices, theory, and the space of art to embellish relevant models for being together in less oppressive ways. Stark is curator of the Fellowship Program at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, is working on BAK’s current trajectory Propositions for Non-Fascist Living (2017•ongoing), and is a gender studies researcher with the Institute for Cultural Inquiry, Utrecht University, Utrecht. Stark guides various workshops and trainings on issues related to gender and racial oppressions, anti-oppressive facilitation and organizing practices, collective authoring, feminist new materialisms, safer spaces, critical media production, and working with survivors of sexual assault at places such as the BAK Summer School, BAK, Bratislava and Utrecht, 2017•2019; Santa Monica, Barcelona, 2017; Tate Modern, London, 2016; as well as with activist collectives, groups of young people, NGOs, and international conferences. Stark’s curricula and other forms of writing and video have been published in academic journals, textbooks, and news media sites. Stark lives in Amsterdam and works in Utrecht.