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Urban Front

Urban Front is a transnational urban consultancy group formed by independent associates around the world. Initiated by David Harvey and Miguel Robles-Durán, who since co-founding the National Strategy Center for the Right to the Territory in the Republic of Ecuador in 2013, have been involved advising grassroots initiatives, social movements, and progressive politicians on the production of emancipatory urban futures. The group provides trans-disciplinary research support, tactical directions, and critical advice to the many governments and organizations that are aiming to confront the contradictions of neoliberal urbanization and develop new visions for the well-being of its citizens. Worldwide, Urban Front connects committed scientific expertise, artistic and design practice with grassroots active knowledge by co-developing new approaches for producing socially and environmentally just transformative outcomes. Urban Front has headquarters in Barcelona, Medellin, Montevideo, Mumbai, New York City, Ottawa, Paris, and Rotterdam.