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Selçuk Balamir

De Nieuwe Meent

Selçuk Balamir is a designer, researcher, and activist. He is a PhD Fellow at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA). He is, among other things, interested in politics, sustainability, and activism in design, creative and peer production, open source, political ecologies, climate justice, post-capitalism, and the commons. His research focuses on the commoning processes in post-capitalist design practices. He is also involved in culture jamming, intentional communities, and disobedient climate justice campaigns such as Code Rood. He is co-initiator of de Nieuwe Meent (dNM), the first Amsterdam housing cooperative that is both sustainable and self-built around the principles of commoning. dNM strives to be a diverse, multi-generational, and inclusive community of commoners. Balamir lives and works in Amsterdam.