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Nancy Jouwe

Mapping Slavery

Nancy Jouwe is a cultural historian. She is Chairwoman of BAK Supervisory Board, co-founder of Framer Framed, and one of the initiators of Mapping Slavery, a transnational research project that maps the Dutch colonial history of slavery. Jouwe has a broad experience in the NGO sector as a managing director and curator on the crossroads of women’s rights, transnational movements and art, culture, and heritage. As a researcher, curator, and project manager she focuses on cultural and social movements in postcolonial Netherlands. Jouwe has lectured in platforms such as Utrecht University, SIT Study Abroad, and Willem de Kooning Academy, and now teaches at Amsterdam University College, CIEE, and HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. She has co-authored the series The Amsterdam Slavery Heritage Guide (2014) and Dutch New York Histories (2017), and published several books, including Paradijsvogels in de polder. Papoea’s in Nederland (2012) and Caleidoscopische Visies. De zwarte, migranten- en vluchtelingenvrouwenbeweging in Nederland (with Maayke Botman and Gloria Wekker, 2000). Jouwe lives and works in Utrecht.