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Joy Mariama Smith

Joy Mariama Smith is a performance, installation, and movement artist and educator, as well as a BAK 2019/2020 Fellow. They teach at the Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam University of the Arts, Amsterdam. Their work focuses on issues related to visibility, projected identities, and self-representation in different contexts, and investigates the interplay between the body and its cultural, social, and physical environment. In their dance, performances, and installations, they create spaces in which the distinction between spectator and participant becomes blurred and visitors are encouraged to reflect on the way in which they deal with space. Their work has been performed internationally, including at Freedom of Movement, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2018; If I Can’t Dance Edition VI • Event and Duration, Amsterdam, 2016; SoLow Festival, Philadelphia, 2015; and Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen, 2013. Smith lives and works in The Hague.