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Homebaked Bakery Liverpool

Homebaked Bakery Liverpool is a cooperative bakery, which grew alongside sister organisation Homebaked Community Land Trust from 2up2down, an art work by Jeanne van Heeswijk commissioned by Liverpool Biennial 2010•2013. The re-opening of the neighborhood bakery as a community business in the midst of a demolition zone was an act of creative resistance that inspired a new direction in the approach to regenerating the area. Today, Homebaked Bakery is a thriving business owned by over 200 members and is famous for its excellent pies, baked goods, and fresh food. They employ 19 people (80 percent of whom live within walking distance of the bakery) and contribute to the local economy with £260 000 yearly on wages and with local suppliers. The bakery and accompanying café have become an important meeting point for the local community and the football fans during matches at the nearby Anfield Stadium.