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Grace Lostia

The Basic Activist Kitchen

Grace Lostia is an activist involved in community building through food and music. Lostia has a background in political and inter-cultural anthropology; researches fermentation as a culinary and social phenomenon; and is involved in intercontinental squatting and do-it-yourself (DIY) communities. Currently working as a freelance vegan caterer at La Cucina Nomade and a kitchen experimentalist, Lostia is also Music Programmer at Black Earth Events, Utrecht, as well as Venue Manager, Event Organizer, and Chairwoman of the Cultureel Centrum Moira Foundation, Utrecht. Since moving to Utrecht 11 years ago, Lostia has been involved and interested in a frame of vegan food and veganism, free-spaces, underground music scenes, alternative urbanities, and struggles to survive in a fast paced, gentrification-oriented society. The kitchen, as much as independent cultural spaces, are to Lostia places for collective action, opportunities to do politics, exercises in consciousness, and platforms to make, share, and preserve culture. Lostia is a part of the Basic Activist Kitchen (2019•ongoing), launched at BAK in the context of Trainings for the Not-Yet (2019•2020). Lostia lives and works in Utrecht.