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Francesca Masoero


Francesca Masoero is curator at LE 18 (Morocco), where she initiated Qanat in 2017 and has been co-thinking and driving it ever since. With a background in critical theory and political economy, she explores resistances in multiple forms: she tests interdisciplinary research and collective-making processes within and beyond the art field, and researches processes of appropriation, of cultural contamination and the politics linked to public spaces, the commons and forms of being together otherwise. While these interests have indeed translated into her own take of what Qanat could be(come), for this latter she has been curating various exhibitions, public programmes and residencies ? such as Between Wells (2017), Performing Change from the Margins (2018) and MA/WA (2019), and written articles, among which L’arte di fare buchi nell’acqua’, with A. George Bajalia. Since 2019, with Rim Mejdi she co-curates the Ateliers Collectifs at the Dar Bellarj Foundation, in which part of the Qanat action-research takes place. For a few years she has been in dialogue and inspired by the practice and thinking of ‘preparing for the Not Yet’ of Jeanne van Heeswijk, which today informs the Qanat collective ethos. Outside of this, Francesca is involved with the general programming of LE 18 in Marrakech and oftentimes she curates projects as part of Madrassa Collective.