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Fran Ilich

Diego de la Vega Coffee Co-op

Fran Ilich is a media artist, essayist, novelist, and activist. His work focuses on the theory and practice of narrative media, experimental economies and finance, hacktivism, and social organizations. He is the author of novels Circa 94 (2010); Tekno Guerilla (2008); and Metro-Pop (1997), and created works of narrative media that range from interactive web telenovelas to experimental theater, alternate reality, and utopian experiments in social organization. Ilich continuously works on different projects, including co-op apartment Aridoamérica; Zapatista coffee catering for activists Diego de la Vega Coffee Co-op; cooperative web server Possibleworlds; the game Sabotage Tlacatlaolli Variable, set in an alternative reality; and Spacebank, a virtual community investment bank. A (selection of) his work has been part of: Documenta 12, Kassel, 2007; Transmediale, Berlin, 2002; and ARCOmadrid, Madrid, 2001. Ilich lives and works in New York.