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De Voorkamer

In 2016, De Voorkamer opened its doors in Utrecht as an inclusive meeting space in which the talents of status holders, people living in asylum seekers’ centers, and the local community are encouraged. Since its beginnings, De Voorkamer has striven to turn the initiative into a space created by and for the community. This is achieved by working in small groups in which inspiration and talents are shared and exchanged. In collaboration with local professionals, meetings and projects are designed that bring the space to life, and events and objects are created that facilitate activities. De Voorkamer aligns function, content, and objects with the fascination and interests of its participants. De Voorkamer is a project developed by Pim van der Mijl and Shay Raviv, alumni of the Design Academy Eindhoven. As social designers and researchers, they take design processes as a starting point for creating a new inclusive space. The role of design in the project is to stimulate exchange and encourage participation both crucial elements for equality and integration.