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David Harvey

Urban Front

David Harvey, co-initiator of Urban Front, is Distinguished Professor of Geography and Anthropology at the Graduate Center of The City University of New York, New York. He works in the fields of anthropology, geography, Marxist studies, political-economy, urban studies, and cultural studies. For decades, Harvey has been dedicated to the production and transfer of critical knowledge: his online lectures on Marx’s Capital and his co-produced animation on the crisis of capitalism are widely popular. He has published 26 books, many of them influential pieces in the humanities, social sciences as well as art and design. Recent publications include Marx, Capital and the Madness of Economic Reason (2017) and The Ways of the World (2016). He is also the recipient of twelve honorary doctorates. In 2019 he was granted the Leverhulme Gold Medal of the British Academy for Creative Contributions to the Social Sciences. Harvey lives and works in New York.