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Bakudapan Food Study Group

Bakudapan Food Study Group is a collective of 8 members with different backgrounds and interests (Eliesta Handitya, Elia Nurvista, Gatari Surya Kusuma, Khairunnisa, Meivy Andriani Larasati, Monika Swastyastu, Rr. Esty Wikasilva, and Shilfina Putri Widatama). Our research focuses on food, both as a field in itself and as an entry point to explore broader sociopolitical issues in the world today. Our projects are interdisciplinary in nature, taking from art, ethnography, and many other disciplines; and take the form of performances, art installations, and exhibitions, as well as cooking, gardening, and reading, amongst others. We are committed to writing and publishing texts, a way to share our research results, and further, distribute knowledge.