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Abdellah Hassak


Abdellah M. Hassak is a sound artist, new media, music producer, manager and engineer in new technologies. His research explores processes of participative sonic mapping at the urban level, integrating sound, daily technologies and radio as tools to foster agency in inhabitants' narrations of their environment. Involved in Qanat since 2017, Abdellah has developed several projects, such as ‘A Piece of Water’ a performance and sound installation exploring fluid polyrhythms as a way to poetically encapsulate water state transformation; and a two series of workshops, ‘Quatra Men Sma’ and ‘Radio Dar Bellarj’ which initiated participants to sound mappings of water, communal spaces and collective memory in Marrakech as well as to collective radio making.Besides these, Abdellah has been collaborating with many other institutions and cultural spaces in Morocco and abroad. He develops a musical syncretic afrofuturism music with field recordings practice as a Producer/DJ (Guedra Guedra) and he launched the platform Mahattat Radio.