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Free Reading Instructions
[for reading text out loud]
Or non-linear reading exercise

This is a movement score-acknowledge that. This in an invitation to let the eyes dance and the mind wander over the/a page. It is an invitation to trust and value the knowledge derived from improvisation, from change, from intuition, from association, from diversity, from confusion, from…
Select a text. Max one page of text (A4, letter, or a page of a book to start.)
Upon selection of the text, mark it, make a bookmark ‘dog ear’ the page. Do something that makes the text easier to come back to.
Engage in 3 mins to 30 mins of cardio vascular activity. This could be a shaking practice, you can dance to your favorite song, you can do a 20-30 min workout. Anything that you are able to go that gets your blood moving, and circulating. If it is possible. If not, take a moment to check in and ground yourself- engage in activity that brings you more into your body.
Return to the text you have selected.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
Open your eyes and open your mouth, let your eyes be receptive. Take in the page as a whole, and not as individual lines of text. Allow the eyes to pass over the text, notice the spaces, the gaps, the punctuation, the letters etc.
When you are ready start to read the text out loud by allowing the eyes to wander, play and dance over the page.
Let your eyes continue to scan over the page and read out loud what words interest you or jump out at you. Do this without judgement, or association. Allow any associations you have arise and pass.The words you read out loud are selected by where your eyes land, not reading words in a sequence. Repetitions may occur, mistakes may occur. There is no ‘right’ way to do this.
Allow new connections to emerge on their own based on your eyes non-linear journey.
You may read out loud to others, or record yourself and give space for reflection.
This exercise can be done solo, or in collectivity. If doing collectively, make sure all readers are reading from the same texts.
Variations: a) de-center English: Do the same exercise but with live translation into your mother tongue or a language other than English (collective). b)mash-up: Do the same exercise with different text at the same time (collective) c) Perform for me!: do the same score but as a performance with an audience

Free Reading Instructions
[for reading text out loud]

A non-linear reading exercise.

Video credit: alexandra dragne

part of:

Mad About Study

excercise by:
Joy Mariama Smith
est. time:

20/40 mins


Min 1

tools needed:

A text of your choice
(1 page)