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Extended Bodies, Operationalizing Theory: A Guided Practice

This is a performative guided thinking/experiencing exercise that goes through ideas of space, connection, accountability, bodies, materiality and ways of spatializing and thinking. This can be listened to and/or read alone or in groups. It was designed as a way of entering collective or group conversations and practices.

Accompanying the audio file of the recorded version is the annotated transcript, which points to some references that this exercise draws in, on, from and with.

You can choose to listen or read or both. I invite you to make yourself comfortable, in whatever way that means for you — sitting with eyes closed, taking a walk, or whatever feels alright. Feel free to pause, stop, return.

part of:

Extended Bodies

excercise by:
Whitney Stark
est. time:

11 mins


any amount

tools needed:

the audio and/or transcript
any devices for listening/reading
space to be comfortable



Extended Bodies, Operationalizing Theory: A Guided Practice by Whitney Stark