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Let there be space for others to hear their name correctly or try out a new pronoun. 
In this exercise, we will all learn new pronouns and names and how to pronounce them. But most of all, we will learn about each other, who we are, how we experience things, and what is important to us.
Start by creating a circle on the floor with some pillows or with chairs.
There will be three rounds where everyone in the circle will say three things.

Their name.

Their pronoun.

And a feeling they would like to share.
Decide who starts first and if you rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise.
When each person finishes their turn, the group will respond with “Thank You, [that person's name].”
When the first full circle has been completed, repeat. Continue this gesture until three full circles have been completed. times and take your time with it.

The Circle

Within BIPOC, Queer (Trans*) spaces, introducing one’s name and pronoun are very important. In public spaces, marginalized groups and their identities face exclusion. Their names and pronouns are not always respected, and in some cases, even changed for the ease of others.

It can be challenging to tell others that they pronounce your name wrong or that they need to be corrected when saying she instead of they. When people gather in a group, be it online or in real life, there should be an understanding of this fact. There should be an understanding that there is a desire for the right pronoun and name, a basic need for safety to share feelings or opinions.

The Circle is an exercise where we create space for all people in the group, for pronouns, names, and feels. This exercise works best at the beginning of a workshop, lecture, meeting, or gathering.