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Mutual Self-Care Exercise

The exercise invites you to take a break and interrupt the linear progression of time. It is a self-care hint to slow down and break the timeline of roles, duties, and schedules.

The questions that drove this exercise have been:
How do we take care collectively?
How do people come together to take care of each other?

The exercise wants to challenge the individual practice of self-care aimed to feel self-sufficient and resilient in the neoliberal capitalist reality we live or, as the The Care Collective puts it the ‘neoliberal technique of individualisation’.

With this exercise you are asked to take a break, set a time to care of yourself and to relate to someone else, to share the experience. You will explore how collective self-caring can be an embodied relational practice that initiates caring alliances.

For this exercise I prepared a five-page PDF file with a series of instructions that you can imagine and/or perform.

Kopitz, Linda. ‘The Interdependence of Care: A Conversation With The Care Collective.’ NECSUS_European Journal of Media Studies. Vol. 10, Nr. 1, 2020. pp. 243•251

excercise by:
Federica Cologna