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Exercises for A Werld without Racism

Gather with people you want to deepen the discussion around race and privilege. Watch the exercise video together and afterwards take the time needed to process and discuss.

1. Economics
Truth, Reality, Myth.

2. Education
Justice/Equity for all persons

3. Entertainment
Inner Attainment

4. Labor
Balance, If I labor in the vineyards God will give me a crown.

5. Law
A sate of Being in which things are arranged free of clutter and clear.

6. Politics
Reciprocity, Rhythm, Motion, Harmonic Clarity

7. Religion
Prosperity & Great Righteousness.

8. Sex
The study of Avocadoes & Bananas

9. War
Until the color of a Mans Skin is of no more significance than the color of his eye..
Robert Nesta Marley singing Halle Selassie speech
Until then it is alwayz WAR!

excercise by:
Angel Bat Dawid
est. time:

13 min - as long as needed