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‘Training for the Not-Yet’ is a collective online publishing platform that brings together a multitude of practitioners from a wide range of disciplines to share their knowledge and methodologies on social engagement, radical collectivity and active empowerment.

This platform will always be changing and growing as it hosts past and future trainings, digital interactive tools, exercises and resources, with the ability for participants of trainings to make edits and annotations online.

Past trainings, from locations across the world, will soon be online as well as tools and exercises reformatted for this platform. Currently most trainings online took place as part of ‘Training(s) for the Not yet’ a four month exhibition consisting of over 30 trainings, learning objects, discussions, talks and resources, at BAK - basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht in 2019/2020. And from Ultradependent Public School (UPS): a curriculum to learn what we really, really need to enact the worlds we really, really want. Emphasizing study as a radically collective, public labor that lives in-between institutionalized hierarchies, UPS inhabits the edges between formal classrooms and everyday life. Running at BAK - and assembled by Clara Balaguer, Jeanne van Heeswijk, and an extended network of collaborators
Trainings for the Not-Yet at BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht 2019
Trainings for the Not-Yet at BAK basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht 2019
Training XVIII: Disrupting Neoliberal Urban Governance: New Organizational Forms for the Immediate Future with Urban Front. One of the 20 trainings as part of Trainings for the Not-Yet in Bak basis voor actuele kunst in Utrecht 2019/2020.